Here is where I will put technical things that are not related to the POE project. Maybe that means something I did on this site that I wanted to write about or something that came up at work. Pretty much a good catch-all for developer or tech related content.


You can view my github repos. Probably nothing special, but doesn't hurt to have a look if you like that kind of thing.

Leetcode 643


A small write up about leetcode problem 643. 

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Are You Still There?


A simple solution to visually count silence.

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Sharing Is Caring


A solution to a silly problem. 

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Speech Synthesis Extension


The details behind creating an extension to read text aloud in Chrome.

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Bringing Value


My summary of what value I bring to a company.

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I Made Another Chrome Extension


I made an extension to automate a task that was previously manually done.

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How I Keep Track of Job Applications


The system I used to keep track of job applications I filled out.

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Applying For Jobs Sucks


Why not streamline it a bit?

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Creating my first SVG (By Hand)


I never had created and SVG file and wanted to see if I could. 

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Game Of Life


Learning how Conway's Game of Life is made. 

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Counting Pixels By Color


Getting a decent enough estimate of pixels in an image based on color.

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Data Import Program: Part Three


Bigger fixes to the data import program that was crashing. Part three.

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Data Import Program: Part Two


The data import program started to fail. Initial updates. Part two.

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Data Import Program: Part One


Data import task. Part one of a three part series.

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Regular Expressions Part Two


A practical use for regular expressions that made a project much easier

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Regular Expressions


Regular Expressions, for fun?

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Sorting and Querystrings


Quick thoughts on sanitizing inputs.

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