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Starting Out


Published: Feb 03 2017

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Create a loot filter generator.

What is a loot filter?

A loot filter is a CSS-like file that customizes the look and feel of items that drop in the game.


Loot Filter Guide on WIKI

Loot Filter Examples and Explanation on WIKI

Loot Filter Guide on forums

Items on WIKI

Items on POE site


  1. The site will need to store a string and output that string to a text file.
  2. Ideally an image will show what the styling looks like.
  3. There will need to be a way to select an item to work with and adjust the styling on that item.
  4. Have an indication of what items are affected by a style (ie all boots, all weapons, all rares, etc)
  5. The styling is cascading so there will need to be logic that shows this effect.
  6. There will need to be controls to adjust the item properties (item level, rarity, etc) to alter what styles are applied. 
  7. Include sounds that are configurable. (set list of sounds)

Dream Features: 

Importing a file to work with. Allow comments in the file.



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