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Who Is That Girl?

Published: Feb 23 2017

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Work In Progress

Mostly I have not cared one way or another about my name. It's fairly gender neutral as is. I do want to entertain the idea of changing my name though just to make sure I don't overlook it when I am making all these other changes in my life.

I'll update the list occasionally but eventually I will have to stop doing that and make a decision.


My first list will be just the names as I think of them. I will not filter by how common or foreign they are or anything. Eventually I will make the list into a pros and cons format. 


Jessica Roisin Angela
Sarah Rachel Emily
Julie Elizabeth Nicole
Allison Ruby Annabelle
Amber Isabel Molly
Rose Rosalie Catherine
Rebecca Michelle Jennifer



March 14, 2017:

So far I still didn't decide on changing my name. At this point I think it will be just fine and there really isn't a reason to. I mean it's a big hassle to change it and it's in use for both genders already. The other side is this name is tied to my history and a reminder of who I was. There really is no rush though. People change their names all the time and I have as much time as I need to think about it.

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