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Published: Apr 26 2017

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When I first started transitioning (or shortly before) I thought that I would have a long time before I would present fully. I figured I had at least 9-12 months where medical transition would be starting and then after that I could explore socially transitioning. I expected that I would be uncomfortable presenting. I would be my same awkward self and would not want to go out of the house. I had read everything about timelines and assumed I would have no breast growth for months. My body fat would take even longer to begin redistributing. My hair...okay that is taking forever!


I understand that the timelines and charts I viewed are an average. It varies for everyone. I had actually started seeing physical signs within 1-3 months that changes were taking place. I knew where to look but there was physical proof of my medical transition.

Socially transitioning is what I expected would be the worst because of my personality. I actually cannot wait to go full-time. Some clothes and styles make me uncomfortable still but for the most part I am being myself and loving it. It is a bit difficult because I haven't had the time and experience to get the most out of the physical changes but in my mind I'm ready.

It has been just over 5 months since I started HRT and I plan on possibly going full-time in August (4 more months). That would put my timeline at the lowest end of where I thought at the start. Given how strongly I want to stop presenting as the old me it's hard to say that I will make it that long.

I just thought it was really unexpected that I would have such a shift in personality. Not in a bad way but I am feeling better about who I am and don't feel as out of place in the world.


I am going to THAT Conference in August. My supervisor was filling out the registration form for me and asked about the shirt size and emergency contact, the usual. After a couple questions I convinced her to let me fill it out. While she wasn't looking I changed the shirt to women's and chose female instead of male. I fully intend to go full-time at the conference and the rest of my plan was to just come back to work and be full-time. I have a friend going to the conference as well and I just had to tell him I was going.

This Girl - The OfficeI like to find some humor in my situation so I found this image and said "Guess who is going to THAT Conference". He is still in shock at the news but also found the humor.

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